Board game


Spiralled Motion – a structured Board Game© (2016)


Learning and development are abstract concepts that play out in our heads. Sometimes you can experience the effect of learning and development, but “learning something” is often an elusive process. In addition, distinctions can be made between conscious and unconscious learning, proactive and reactive learning. Sometimes the body is even faster in its response than the mind and often you have already done something before you realise it. Learning is thus a complex process of diversity, thinking and skills. A developmental expert has trained in this field and knows how to learn like this.

Because it will become increasingly important in the future for employees to explain, justify and transfer their actions, we will have to provide professionals with a new language, skills, and tools.

By visualizing this through the board game, it will be clear what the development group is doing within their learning and development. This promotes goal-oriented work and gives employees the opportunity to guide themselves and each other in the learning process. It provides the opportunity to take responsibility for one’s own learning process. As a result, employees will experience more job satisfaction and can thus make a meaningful contribution within the work field (as well as in a social context).

The Spiralled Motion-Board Game© always focuses on the person who makes the professional. Both are invited in this board game to show themselves and make themselves explicit. That is why it has been decided to design development on the board game in phases.