Adrianne van Doorn

Founder @ Socialadvisors & Spiralled Motion


I believe in people’s and organisations’ desire for quality and professionalism. It touches me to see what happens when the unexpected emerges, by bringing people into their learning pleasure and inner drive. As a result, the engine of change becomes unstoppable. Seeing enthusiasm, sparkle and cooperation arise and seeing effectiveness grow as a result, is what makes my work beautiful, challenging and intriguing. I am convinced that when a person, a professional, or an organization grow, an effective work environment is created with healthy, happy and vibrant people.


By simplifying difficult issues and connecting people to them. By linking, enlarging, and strengthening simple processes step by step. I thoroughly research what is already there and what needs to be tailored. Deploy or develop and add methods and techniques. I like to stimulate new things, to try them out based on confidence and conviction. This allows employees to grow towards excellence. I do this in a well-founded way, with a dose of humour, and will therefore look critically and cooperate. I listen to what is not said and my challenge is to get this out in the open. This allows me to work towards practical and solution-oriented action. I have a directive reflective attitude, which means that existing questions are viewed differently by the people i work with.


Helping people develop based on a broad work experience with a wide variety of target groups, always focusing on the professional. By connecting the workplace with its management so that they can walk this path themselves. I support boards and management in transforming the changing world into an appropriate mix of giving space and guiding the workplace. Always looking for solutions based on insight and possibilities to achieve powerful cooperation.


Adrianne van Doorn: Train-the trainer, Educator, Methodical developer, Supervisor, Coach, Consultant and Facilitator. I am a self-willed and curious person who likes to explore. Mother of a social daughter and an inventive son. Love theatre, singing and creativity. I want to go into the depth in contact with the other. I believe in the feasibility of solutions and I don’t like stuck systems. Sensitive to atmosphere and likes to challenge and stimulate in a transparent manner.

I am a development expert. Reference is made to the essence that runs through all education, training and work experience. My passion is to focus on the sustainable development of (professional) people and organizations. Changing and arriving at new insights, adding knowledge and experience, and increasing effective action …

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