If you see what can be developed

Training for Supervisors and Coaches (1 day)

Imagine that in practice you are working with groups of people and reflecting on a daily basis. You are doing that with pleasure. You want to help develop your colleagues and yourself further by using reflection to reach a higher level.

The Spiralled Motion Board Game© has been developed to learn from practical experience in a visual and step-by-step method and to convert this into concrete action through reflection. A picture is worth a thousand words.

Because you already have a solid coaching training, the Spiralled Motion Facilitator (supervisor, coach, development expert) and you can build from there by using this working tool and method. As a result, working in intervision, coaching or supervision takes on an organic course in which the process of how to learn becomes more central. The content itself and how to deal with learning become visible in this model, so that people can take more control and independence in this learning process.

During the course day we zoom in on the use of the Board Game as a visual support for learning from practice. You get insight into the structure of the method and the how and why you are using this method. Because you also get the chance to try it out with like-minded people, you not only know how to use it but you are also skilled in using this Board Game for many different target groups.

At the end of the day you will receive your own handy aluminium attaché case and you can accompany/facilitate the Board Game on all levels as described in the book (which is included as a reference).

To support you in the use and to continue your own development, you will receive a guidance moment from the teacher after 6 weeks and after 12 weeks, in which questions and your own development are central.

For the investment of €995 (ex. VAT), after this day and the aptitude test, you can join the Guild of Spiralled Motion Facilitators©. Learning from and with each other in an asynchronous manner is central here.

You can find more information about this guild HERE.