The Guild of Spiralled Motion Facilitators ©

This guild system works as with the old crafts and is intended for you to continuously learn from and with each other. Regular training and sharing expertise is a prerequisite for being and remaining part of this guild.

Because learning from and with each other in asynchronous reciprocity is the basic vision of every developmental professional, they connect with each other. There is a professional code that is upheld. Learning and developing in action, from practice, is a profession in which you mainly do and apply. Within the guild, development experts are given the opportunity to grow further.

The Spiralled Motion Facilitators ©, included in the guild, guarantee a solid training, continuous training, and peer consultation. The conditions for re-registration are strictly enforced. The guild register meets the demand of companies and organizations to find the right development facilitator.

Because the guild is growing, you can contact Socialadvisors via the Contact Form. They can help you find the right development expert to meet the needs of your organization.