Spiralled Motion© – Developing professionals is a profession in its own right!

Jobs and professions of the future will require professionals who are constantly developing. Developmental science ensures that professionals are stronger in their professional practice.

This Spiralled Motion-tool and accompanying Training contributes to a sustainable and rooted change on the dividing line between people and professionals. The person, who makes the professional, grows and will increase their repertoire of action and thinking, also within their work.

Development experts know how to stimulate and implement these “change processes” and apply this knowledge to people and organizations. They understand what the professions and organizations will look like in the future and can guide companies in this forward movement.

During implementation they will guide development groups in learning to learn and act in the organization as a representative of a pleasant and efficient learning climate. They support companies in their growth towards a Conscious Development Oriented Organization where continuous learning from and with each other is the norm. In this way flesh and blood are given to self-organization, self-management and lifelong learning. Not just by talking about it and teaching it, but by experiencing it together and thereby understanding and applying the method.

“Learning” and “developing” are abstract concepts and are often an elusive process that takes place in our heads. They are a complex blend of thinking, feeling and acting. Developmental science trains professionals in this field and shapes adult learning. It is a combination of processing knowledge, consciously experiencing, and learning skills.

To achieve that goal Spiralled Motion© was developed by Adrianne van Doorn and her company Socialadvisors. You can find more information about both in the About us-section.